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I've crossed the lines [entries|friends|calendar]
Bryan K.

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my love life.... [04 Feb 2007|11:49pm]
I've only been back on the journal for less than a week and i already managed to skip a day. For class we only need to have two entries per week because thats how many times we have class, but i wanted to see if i could actually keep this up and write meaningful things down every day. I have alot to say, just didnt get around to doing it so this entry will probably end up being extra long.

This weekend was really sweet. I went to the DIA with jennifer for the first time in awhile. Its under renovations and construction so there was not much to see, but what we did see i liked alot. I was like in my own little happy place really. I would see a piece of art that i couldnt take my eyes off of then when the piece finally came out of focus i would read the cards next them describing the artist/era/mediums and so on. I would completely like forget where i was and then Jenn would come up from behind me grab my arm and rest her head against my shoulder...it brought me back in focus and made me think about how great of a day we had ahead of us with walking around downtown (when it was 5 degrees out) and going ice skating.

The whole week we were talking about taking pictures of us trying to ice skate and what not but when it comes down to it, we always forget. We never take pictures. I guess its not a bad thing, we just have way to much fun when were hanging out we never think about stopping to take a picture. I like the pictures we have and we'll eventually get more, but ill never forget anything. I remember the smallest things like conversations we've had before i went to work my senior year in highschool.

things are reallly good right now besides the school situation i couldnt ask for much more.
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today...and her [02 Feb 2007|12:16am]
[ mood | awake ]

Today was relaxing compared to the last couple days of the week for the most part. I got two big tests out of the way on wensday and thursday, so all the strings that made my mind into a puppet trying to kick-start it in to memorizing cut in half notecards has been diminished.

She text me.

I came home after school today and had some bonding time with my dad. We dont do it alot, when we do it means alot to me. We played a billiards game on my Xbox 360 that he bought for us to play because he says every other game i play, "has to many damn buttons." We played for about an hour until he had to go to work...again.

I went out to eat with Ray and Mark played Gears of War and watched Snatch for at least the 15th time in my life.

She text me.

I called her.

We talked and got upset with eachother. Then we made up. I called her Jennifer, i think she liked it. It all started at Walkathon...

thank you highschool.

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why not [31 Jan 2007|03:06pm]
I actually like news. As long as it isn't bad. And i got a bunch of it today. Looks like i didnt redshirt this year, and next year the plans are for another attempt at it. I'm not sitting again and paying over 23,000 a year for school. Im not. I been wieght training and conditioning my ass off for the last past 3 weeks and my sports hurnia came back again just in time for the bad news.

Im getting out of here, just like any other circumstance... ill change my surrounding.

UDM its been nice, and hopefully the rest of my career here will be worthwhile.

___________ (insert new college here) i can't way to thrive on your system, until i eventually leave you too.
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classless [30 Jan 2007|11:29pm]
I pulled out of retirement for the second or third time in the online journaling world this week. I spent all of last night erasing old entries from 8th grade and on about a lot of things. I never thought I was really making a diary or a journal but reading back at many of my past entries, they were pretty damn good... not that I'm trying to hype my skills or anything.

Why did I delete? This is for a class that I’m taking at my university, were spending a third of the semester on, online journaling. So just for privacy reasons I guess, I deleted the entries from awhile back but I also saved them to a flash drive so they aren’t lost forever. I’m still thinking about you, yea....even 5 years later.

I am not back on for fun...even though I have to say this is better than most homework it beats studying my ass off for hours on end for an environmental test (A class I need to take to graduate) yet has nothing to do with anything I’m interested in. I recycle; give me an award Uncle Sam. BUT WAIT!!! I drive every day, and eat a lot of poultry so according to www.myfootprint.org I'm basically another Scum American and it would take 4 1/2 planets to please everyone if the whole world lived like me. I don’t know.
Just another confidence booster.

I've spent a lot of time today looking at my friends list and thought about making an effort to catch up on certain companionships that went adrift. However, like any other situation with people, it can wait. I miss Mikey, In The Early Hours, Nick, Nick, Dan, Danny J, Landis, James L., Katy the girl that went to Dakota, Brandon, Danielle P. (a girl i could rock out with and take walks in the rain she was so cool, i treated her so wrong)...sorry, Kyle, dreams of ICHI the killer, Brenda Mosh, Bern, SHOOWWWSSSS!!!!!, so many people i could fill the entire bandwith on this page, everything I did in that short period of time. Time travels faster than light; I can remember friendships from 3 years ago, but not last week’s sunset.

I’m over 150, until tomorrow.
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[02 Aug 2004|07:56pm]

someone come take pictures with me sometime this week...i dont like goin by myself.

my last 4 soccer games i have 3 shut outs.
this is family buisness.
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[28 Jul 2004|10:34am]

(((+6)))Collapse )

chicago was fun.

i went to Kanye West and a European League soccer match.
ill have photos from them when they get developed because i took them with my good camera not my digital.
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* [19 Jul 2004|12:28am]

(((+3))) the fair is the shitCollapse )

(((+1)))Collapse )

I got pulled over today at 3 a.m. im lucky the cop just let my dad deal with me...its a very long story aim it up if you really wanna know

Today started off with soccer
and dinnner with OMA and DAD

i seen katy today wich was cool...she didnt stay at the fireworks long but it was nice seein her.

i also seen everyone from school (fraser) that i used to hang around with, it was amazing... I didnt realize how much i miss them all.

bernadette is comin back to foley :), talking to her today was fun. and hot.

its time to go to bed.
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[20 Jun 2004|10:15pm]
today was pretty cool...actually alot of fun i guess.

It started out with picking Bern lol up at um her house and she had to tell me how to get there on the phone cuz i missed the exit haha...after that we went to the glass and art show in royal oak, there was some pretty rad stuff, and some pretty lame stuff, there was a sitar (?) but anways the guy who was playin it was cracked out.

after that we came back hur then went to Mitches for some Zelda, and i made Bernadette a drawing and Mitche's dog ran away and Mitch caught him with his lightning speed, we went skating in Madison Heights with Kyle i think his name was lol, but he was awsome and now im back.

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B4 [19 Jun 2004|11:32am]
Thanks for everyone that came out to my house and didnt mess around with nething.

thanks to
silence the wake,
the annual,
and promise falls.

for playing.

....today i have 2 grad. parties to go to,
i wish i was them.

i put in for advanced auto parts
and today im goin to Tangos little ceasers and puttin in there awsome ya.

and i want one of Danielles penut butter and jellly sandwiches im hungry :(
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OOOOUUUIIIIII [16 Jun 2004|10:32am]
Last couple days have been pretty good, ever since i went up to Algatucky ive been in a pretty good mood, it basicallly set the standards for the summer....ive been hangin out with Danielle alot and everyone else that i love. brandon, nick, mikey and i seen Tango at the show yesterday, Sara, Ashdown, Dan, Garret, Mark, Tom Green hell ya it was a good day, i like seein everyone, o ya dont ferget about Berni and Lauren.

The Pistons won hell yes, its like the only game i DIDNT watch over Danielles house hehe...cruisen and partying on Gratiot was really fun after that some people are nuts.

So far today i ran, cut the grass, moved some boulders in the backyard and now i need to take down the trampoline and move the picnic table and clear out the over hang, cuz i guess tomorw its sposed to rain 80% of the day, and i dont want to do all that shit wen its raining...all this of course for the show on friday, here it goes again lol

31689 KAROLYN LN. FRASER, MI 48026


just come,
its what the cool kids are doin :P

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[13 Jun 2004|05:24pm]

You know its summer wen you come back from algonac at 3 a.m...and would of been later if we didnt have people that wanted to go home but its all cool.

I would like to thank hardcore joe :P, dan, rob, scott, and ben for an amazing time yesterday...i dont know maybe it wasnt that amazing but ive been in a really shitty mood for awhile and i needed that.

the Nac kicks ass fo sho'...same with Till Death, it was so sweet everyone threw it down to them, kids dont play up in the 810 it was saweet, with Bens stories and throwin fireworks at Boner.

Today was pretty cool made like 80$ with the games i reffed plus the 3v3 reffing...wich i seen Danielle at, then we went swimmin after :D

but im so tired im about to take a nap.

i have the biggest farmers tan to :(...even little girls were making fun of me for it. i wish my skin was beautiful :P
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this love was born to die. [07 Jun 2004|09:51pm]
On saturday i went to kinkos and made flyers for my show 400 to be exact, with mikey, nick, and brandon...it was awsome

i had a soccer game

that we won 2-1

my sisters v-ball tournament

that they got second in the state in.

tomorrow me and danielle are gunna do something before her soccer game that im going to muahhaha and then were gunna watch the pistons game together woot woot!! cant wait

....today i reffed and got money then stopped at the fordire show and seen everyone with my soccer gear on and bought a fordire tshirt :P

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